Dam Line

Dam Line

Mares out of well-bred foundation lines with secured hereditary qualities are the horse breeder's most supreme good. The Hanoverian breed offers a particularly wide range of first-class dam lines that regularly deliver excellent competition horses for the different disciplines, licensed stallions and valuable brood mares.

Our state premium mare Alpacca derives from the damline Schoßkelle, founded in 1925 in Lüneburg . Under this damline you can find 30 registererd mares and two State Premium mares. You can also find the stallion Asti’s Amsterdam as as a stallion of Hanoverian progeny.

Under the damline Aslaug, founded in Stade in 1890 we have our brood mare Sarafina (St.Pr.S) by Stakkato. In this damline you can trace three dressage horses with at least 10.000 Euros on prize money: Lemon tree who has earned 18.207 Euros, Winyamaro 12.166 Euros and Evergreen who has earned 14,165 Euros in prize money. You can also find two jumping horses who have earned at least 15000 Euros in price money: Amatus, who earned 21, 472 Euros and KN Malna who earned 23,245 Euros. Other than that there are also 592 registered mares under this damline and there are also 129 state premium mares and 36 licensed stallions. Furthermore 51 horses have been placed in advanced dressage classes and 27 have placed in advanced jumping classes.

Our bay dressage brood mare Bella Vita by Belissimo M x Fürst Heinrich derives from the damline Jubonda, which was founded in 1890 in Lüneburg. Under this damline you can trace 81 registered mares five state premium mares and three licensed stallions.

 Our special mare Anke is by Abke. She derives from the damline Neapenda founded in 1918 in Hoop. Under this damline you can find 357 registered mares, 43 state premium mares and 9 licensed stallion. This damline offers great stallions with Hanoverian progeny, such as Codex One (2002), who is also Anke’s half-brother, Contendros (2007) and Fürst Belissario (2011). The Neapenda damline has produced talented horses both in dressage and in jumping. In dressage there 25 placings in advanced classes and in Jumping there are 37 placings in the advanced classes. The horses that have earned at least 10.000 Euros in dressage are: Agnelli (49,727 Euros), Westerwald (20,270 Euros) and Adriano (25,476 Euros). Furthermore, the horses that have earned at least 15.000 Euros are: Let’s Go (37,205 Euros) and Codex One (1,0003, 052 Euros).

Our two new additions to the mare collection, Hann. Pr. A. Siri and Donna, will give us a wider range of breeding possibilities during the breeding seasons. Siri derives from the Laack damline which was founded in 1912 in Stade. This damline features 195 registered mares, 43 statepremium mares and 4 licensed stallions. Other than that there are 17 dressage horses that placed in advanced classes and 17 jumping horses that also placed in advanced classes. Under this damline there are two dressage horses that have earned more than 10.000 Euros in prize money. Welden earned 15.279 Euros and Duvalier earned 54.885 Euros in prize money. In show jumping there are two horses that have earned more than 15.000 Euros in prize money: Filius (52.472 Euros) and Miss Globo (38.856 Euros).

Our chestnut mare Donna comes from the Eckenförde II damline, that was founden in 1916 in Stade. This damline has produced 288 registered mares, 93 statepremium mares and 13 licensed stallions. In dressage there are 17 horses that placed in advanced classes and in jumping there are 11. Other than that there is one dressage horse, Lancet, that has earned 60.940 Euros in prize money. There are also two jumping horses, Comtessa 88 who earned 76.321 Euros and Ginger who earne d16.005 Euros in prize money.

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